Pizza Prep and Delivery Unit: Great Idea?

For a busy world always bursting at the seams from harrowing schedules with deadlines due an hour ago, Patent# US 6858243, also known as the Pizza Preparation and Delivery Method and Unit provides a time friendly solution. The pizza you order for your quick lunch or dinner can now be baked in this mobile pizza assault vehicle on the ride to your home! Talk about fresh! This invention is an answer for those too busy to even wait for delivery. The question is how busy can that possibly be? After all, even the president of the United States needs to order his dinner.


Maybe if Houdini weren’t dead, there could be a way to transport a pizza order from the air to your front doorstep in seconds, but probably not even he could perform such a task. Even if he could, what would it mean to the really fast food industry? Would it be even faster? We are already eating our meals so quickly that swallowing seems almost an afterthought. The Pizza Preparation and Delivery Method and Unit seems a true manifestation of this syndrome. Still it has its points. Fresh pizza is really fresh in this case and that counts for something.

What happens, however, if there is a change in plans and the people who ordered the pizza decide to go out for dinner? What does the Pizza Preparation and Delivery Method and Unit do with the fresh, custom-made pizza?

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If you still want pizza after all this, I am afraid I can’t help you.