A Place To Hide, Seek, Scratch, & Play: Trixie Cat Combos



Cats love to play where they can hide; those places replicate their native environments and give cats similar experiences. Cat combos give cats opportunity to climb, scratch, and rest and play.  Some are 'condos' and emphasize scratching, and climbing. Other combos focus more on hiding and play. Here are a few adorable combos from Trixie Pet Products that provide so much stimulation, you'll wish you were a cat.


1.  Lukas Cuddly Cave Cat Combo

A giant mouse; what a catch!  Soft, cuddly Lukas gives cats a comfy crawl space with big swinging fuzzy balls to swat between cat naps. And Lukas has a nice sisal top for kitty to sharpen his claws for the big hunt.  Lukas Cuddly Cave has big rustley ears and a removable washable inner cushion.


 .Lukas Cuddly CaveLukas Cuddly Cave



2.  Murcia Cat Condo Playgound

Nothing like a big Swiss cheese for your big cheese.  Hide and seek peek-holes give you plenty of opportunity to tease kitty with her favorite toys.  What I love most about the Murcia Cat Condo is its rotating sisal post!


Murcia Cat Condo / PlaygroundMurcia Cat Condo / Playground


3.  Guiseppe Cuddly Cave Scratch and Hide Combo

Guiseppe's got the charm of a family dog on the outside, but the comfort of a plush cushion on the inside... and that's where your cat can hide in peace.  When he gets rambunctious, kitty can rattle the rustly ears and tail and go to town on the scratchy sisal surfaced Guiseppe tummy.


Guiseppe Cuddly CaveGuiseppe Cuddly Cave


Guiseppe Cuddly CaveGuiseppe Cuddly Cave


Trixie Pet Products and other cute cat condos and playgrounds are available at  ATGStores.com.


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