This Place Smells Really Fishy!

Callao, Peru (Wiki photo)Callao, Peru (Wiki photo)The sports center in Callao, Peru will never be the same. Oh, it will probably look the same, but after this past Sunday, it will likely never smell the same.

The Callao sports center became a "kitchen" for 300 Peruvian chefs as they created the world's largest ceviche, a fish dish that originated in Peru. The new Guinness World Record of 6.8 tons of ceviche was 2.3 tons greater than the last world record set in 2005 by ceviche-loving Mexico.





Ceviche is traditionally made with white fish, but can be made with perch or other fairly dense fish or shrimp. The raw fish or shrimp "cooks" in a lime-based sauce.

Peruvians love their ceviche and have collectively created this marvelous 6.8 tons of it, so I thought we could all benefit by stealing the recipe. Here it is:

5 tons fresh white fish
5,550 pounds of onions
5,550 pounds of limes
550 pounds of hot peppers
550 pounds of salt

Slice and dice all and let sit, covered and refrigerated preferably, over night. In case you don't have a 33-yard long container handy, divide the recipe according to your desired portion size.

Now, I wonder how they plan to get that fishy smell out of the sports center in Callao....


source: World Record Academy, via China View