Placebo Chocolate Medication: Business Believes Chocolate Is The Solution To All

Placebos can be just about as effective as real medications, according to studies so there's one wise individual has now put together a unique product line based on this idea. It just happens to be made of an ingredient that's believed to save the world anyway.

No, it's not wine, Placebo is a whole line of chocolate "medication". Stephanie Beneteau has created a line of chocolate designed to cure "sorrow" and "anxiety" and other common issues. It  comes in the form of capsules, powder and drops. It's made out of chocolate and all tastes delicious.


Jan 12, 2011
by Anonymous

placebo only works if you

placebo only works if you think its a medication.what you have invented here is chocolate.well done.sorry.prob more expensive choc than choc

Feb 8, 2012
by Anonymous

Your article looks great!

Your article looks great! Thanks for you sharing. I love it.