Plaid Looking To Collab With Inventors For New Craft Products!

Plaid Enterprises, Inc., the company behind classic crafting goodies like Mod Podge, FolkArt paint, and Gallery Glass, are searching for the next big thing in do-it-yourself consumer products. If you’ve got an invention that will make crafting easier and more fun, they might pick up your product!




This competition is as free form as it comes, but a few suggestions for products that the crew at Plaid would love to see include crafts that are fun, but with less mess, making storing your crafting supplies much easier, tools to make the crafting process simpler and more fun, and methods to make crafting even more fun. Don’t forget that your target audience is primarily do-it-yourselfers, teachers, hobbyists, artists and kids!




In addition to having your new craft product adopted into the Plaid family of timeless supplies, they are willing to give a minimum $2,500 advance on the profit that your item will make, along with an incredible 50/50 split on licensing revenues for as long as your product is sold! If you can impress Plaid, prepare to see your creation in Target, Jo-Ann Fabric, and nearly everywhere else that sells fine crafting supplies. The ultimate deadline to share your ideas with Plaid is March 31st, so click here to send in your big ideas today!