Plan Toys Toaster: Move Over Betty Crocker

Many of us gals of a "certain" age, remember practicing our homemaking skills on those oh-so-famous big and bulky plastic ovens from back in the day. Depending on your particular cooking competence, some of those memories were good, some, well, not so much! If you have a little Suzie or Sam Homemaker in your house, he or she will have a ball making pretend toast with this super cool toaster from Plan Toys.

This eco-friendly toaster is made out of all natural, chemical-free recycled rubber wood and finished with non-toxic, water-based dyes. Who needs plastic when you can have green?

Plan Toys ToasterPlan Toys Toaster

The Plan Toys Toaster is not only adorable kitchen gadget, it could almost pass for the real deal! Just put the bread into the slots on the top of the toaster and push the knob on the side down. Turn the timer on and in no time flat, you've got toast! The slices will pop up when they're done, just like the real thing. No need to get your apron strings in a tizzy. Although the toast looks good enough to eat, don't! It's faux toast!

The quality-made toaster measures about 8 x 6 x 4 inches and comes with two slices of wooden bread. Recommended for children 3 and up, the Plan Toys Toaster retails for about $25.

Source and Photo: Amazon


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