Planeshop: Glasgow Airport Features Revolving Door Retail Site

We've seen pop-up shops which are temporary in that they can fold up shop and move on when the mood strikes them, but otherwise, a store's a store, and until its lease is up it typically stays in one place. Well, that's what we've been taught to think, and of course, that standard in retail has now been broken with one innovative shop.

Planeshop GlasgowPlaneshop Glasgow

Planeshop in the Glasgow Airport always has something new to offer, and it's not just about new inventory at the same store. This is one store that changes on a regular basis, allowing a new retail concept to take over the space and market their goods to unsuspecting travellers.  Not only does Planeshop allow new brands to move in, it also changes the decor to fit right in.

While this might not seem like an entirely new idea since unsuccessful businesses have been doing this for decades, Planeshop is different, because it only hosts known brands sure to turn a profit, taking the pop-up shopping concept to uncharted territories!