PlanetSolar Yacht Planning to Circumnavigate Globe Using Solar Energy

We are always finding new and exciting ways to harness solar energy and it seems like that will trend will continue for quite a while. The most recent addition the solar powered dream machine list is the aptly named PlanetSolar mega-yacht, which is being prepared for a trip around the globe starting next year.

PlanetSolar Photovoltaic ArrayPlanetSolar Photovoltaic Array

The PlanetSolar was designed and built by the Knierim Yacht Club of northern Germany and will come in at a cost of $24.4 million when complete. It measures 101 feet long, 49 feet wide and weighs in at just over 60 tons. According to the designers, even when laden with a fully crew of 50 people it can reach speeds of up to 15 knots if the conditions are right. Cruising speed is expected to be somewhere around 8 knots.

Power for the PlantSolar will come from a massive array of 38,000 photovoltaic cells, or about 1640 square feet of solar panels. On a sunny day, this should enough to keep everything on board running, as well as have a little extra to charge the batteries.

PlanetSolar Photovoltaic ArrayPlanetSolar Photovoltaic Array

The team is planning on taking the PlanetSolar on a voyage that will circumnavigate the globe and end back in Germany sometime next year. No official departure date has been announced as of yet.


Apr 13, 2010
by Anonymous

No power when sundown?

Shouldnt said solar ship have Solar sails for Wind & solar power midsea & collect More energy for PM night cruises.

Neat idea.

Radical concept.