Planning a Visit to (the Forests?!) of Hong Kong

As Hong Kong continues to grow in its reputation as a major world pollutant and center for overpopulation issues, many environmentalists have struggled to find solutions. Now the innovative minds at Vincent Callebaut architecture has envisioned an ambitious yet potentially feasible solution for this bustling city full of promise and progress.

The project, entitled “Urban Jungle” is an attempt to bring back nature and widen the expanses of contemporary Hong Kong. Renaturalizing the urban landscaping once abundant in Hong Kong is a first step. Having more greenery on the shore of South China Sea will allow for new spaces to have further energy production and be more biologically giving than taking.

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This agenda of renaturalization also comes with it the ability to learn more about the underwater world and to recreate it in out of the ordinary locales. These can include an expansion of less-polluting modes of transportation and solutions to help heal and supplement the ecosystem.

The designers at the heart of the project have high hopes for an expanision of more swimming pools, marinas, and bicyle routes, along with terraces able to grow vegetables and other plant life currently struggling for survival.

The Urban Jungle will also be designed to sustain itself well during the winter months and will help to purify Hong Kong’s currently poisoned air. Inventors descending upon China with these ideas in mind will surely improve the quality of life for those who call this huge Asian region home.



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Oct 7, 2007
by Hong Kong People (not verified)

I don't think this is possible

I don't think this "Urban Jungle" project will really be implemented because the HK government do not have this kind of sense. But I'll give it a vote to improve the pollution problems in Hong Kong