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Have a seat...maybeHave a seat...maybe

Dutch designer Egbert-Jan Trijnis Lam started his company BuroJET in 2002. Trained in Eindhoven, this artist has been hard at work since the early 90s, focusing on all things related to design.

One such design project is called Plano, which consists of a set of flat "furniture" that can lay flush with the wall, or fold down and transform into an "off the wall" kind of piece. What appears to be a sheet of plywood (or a sturdier metal, in one case) is showcased,  dressed up in a print depicting some kind of traditional table or seating arrangement. The areas that one would use on a regular piece of furniture -- i.e., the seat of a chair or a tabletop -- fold down and extend into the third dimension. As far as the practicality or essential usefulness of these pieces go, I'm unsure. I can't find much information on the designer and so am left to my own ponderings regarding the soundness and weight-bearing capabilities of his work.  However, as a concept alone, this idea is thought-provoking and may hold the seed for interesting further developments.  Or not.  What do you think?

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Nov 17, 2008
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Plano, Egbert-Jan

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