PlanToys Are More Than Toys: They Have Plans For Our Kids' Future

The toys our kids play with should be more than toys. Sure they should be fun, but they should have a purpose. When I buy my children toys I have two things in mind: will it keep them engaged and is it safe? We can all feel good about buying stuff from PlanToys. Over 30 years ago, PlanToys became the first company in the world to manufacture wooden toys from rubberwood, an eco-friendly wood made from trees no longer producing latex. Today they continue to improve their manufacturing process while providing our children with safe, fun, and (shhh) educational toys.

Every toy has a specific function and targets your child's developmental needs. From puzzles and games to water play and ride on toys, PlanToys has the goods to keep your child at play while teaching them cause and effect and building their confidence through problem solving. I want to buy one of everything for my kids. The colors and texture of the toys make me want to play too. And that's the point. Kids should want to touch, explore, and experience their world. And is there a better way to do that than through toys?

PlanToys has several new products for kids birth to three plus, but two that go above and beyond being just toys are the Hand Sign Alphabet A-Z and the Braille Alphabet A-Z. Each 26 piece tactile set is two-sided. The Braille set has upper case letters on one side and lower case on the other with the corresponding symbol on each side. The Hand Sign set has upper and lower case letters on one side, with the corresponding American Sign Language picture on the other. All tiles are coated with a non-toxic finish and are colored with vegetable dye. While they are made out of stuff safe enough for babies to chew on, they are geared for kids two and up. 


Being understood is incredibly important to me. And when my toddler or babies are having tantrums, I need to remember that the problem may be that they are not able to communicate their wants or needs to me. Language, whether spoken, seen or felt, starts at birth and grows throughout our life.

And for parents or teachers who need to use alternative methods, PlanToys' newest alphabet tiles give them the tools to communicate with their children in a way that is fun, tangible, and sustainable. Sign and Braille alphabet tiles allow kids to be exposed to language as early as their peers, providing them with a solid base for a lifetime of learning. 

With their Sustainable Play promise, PlanToys is always looking for new ways to inspire children to live a sustainable life. Through their ideas, designs, and materials the company creates sustainable toys to bring children closer to nature in hopes that the next generation will respect others and the natural resources we need to preserve.

We love our kids. And sometimes, sometimes, we buy them stuff. But when I do buy my kids something, I don't want to waste money on a toy that will sit in a corner the second it is out of its pretty package or that will break within days--or minutes. Nor do I want to buy a toy that is loaded with toxic materials.

Between their longevity, award winning global recognition, and their commitment to raising money and awareness to several social causes, I trust PlanToys with my money and with my children's future. You can see reviews for and buy the most popular Plan Toys here.

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Apr 24, 2014
by Anonymous

another great article by

another great article by Amber - thanks, wish I had know about these toys when our children and grandchildren were growing up.