HumanIPO - Helping Startups Gain Exposure

Launching a successful business takes more than just a bright idea.

Through collaboration entrepreneurs are able to reshape ideas, refine skills, network with industry professionals, and find investors. 

HumanIPO is an Estonian company built on the idea that successful companies emerge through collaboration between networks of free agents.

They aim to help the development of any kind of start up by giving entrepreneurs the opportunity to share ideas, build teams, and find mentors, foreign sales agents and investors.

How HumanIPO works

 The idea is for entrepreneurs to upload the early stages of their business plan in "stealth mode" - this means no one on HumanIPO can see the plan.

 The next step is to connect with your network of associates for feedback. While in stealth mode you can invite people to check out your plan.

 Inviting contacts from your address book and LinkedIn profile is free, and you can send your plan to any HumanIPO member for €3 per invitation (you get 2 free invitations).

 When people access your plan they are required to sign an agreement not to publish any information about your project elsewhere. Just like Facebook, your start up gets its own wall; visitors can post comments, questions, files, or give feedback. 

 Once your start up is ready for additional visibility you can publish your teaser to the HumanIPO directory, this opens your start up to numerous new potential funding and partnership opportunities - users who aren't in your address book will now be able to request access to your plan.

 When you're ready to obtain funding, HumanIPO will even set up a separate investment company that will become shareholder in your enterprise; small investors will invest in your newly-founded investment company. 


 As far as fees go, investors get charged 5% on the investment amount, and the entrepreneurs involved will be charged €1,000 per year for administration of the investment company, annual reports, and for handling dividends.