Play Badminton Anywhere With The Instant Badminton Court

Instant Badminton CourtInstant Badminton Court

Unless you have been stranded in a parking lot without a badminton net, you don't know boredom. Kidding. But really, how awesome would it be if you and a friend were waiting to meet up with others and could whip out a badminton net and kill the time? Zume's Instant Badminton Court makes that possible.

While I have seen people playing badminton in a parking lot (once, and only once), I don't think it's a common occurrence, nor do I think playing badminton is the best way to kill time. However, with such an easy setup process, the Instant Badminton Court would be a great addition to any beach trip, camping trip or just in the backyard. The two PVC net supports extend from the carrying case and then you just slip on the nylon net. The carrying case is also the base of the net support, which makes clean up a breeze as well, so it doesn't have to clutter your backyard. 

Instant Badminton Court CaseInstant Badminton Court Case

The Instant Badminton Court is regulation height and 11.5 feet wide. It comes with four rackets and two shuttlecocks, so you and three friends could get a game of parking lot badminton going. At around $95, it's comparable to other badminton nets, so it's a great buy for some fun with friends or the family, and you can get the Instant Badminton Court from Amazon

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