Play Golf Into The Night With Night Sports Light-Up LED Golf Balls

LED Golf BallLED Golf Ball

Golfers, have you ever started a day of golfing a little late and weren't able to get in as many holes as you would've liked? Maybe you've been itching for some golf for quite a while, but your days are so full they won't allow it. With Night Sports Light-Up LED Golf Balls, you can play golf into the night.

These LED golf balls light up on impact and stay lit for 8 minutes after each whack of the golf club. Night Sports designed these balls so that you wouldn't be sacrificing performance for a party trick. They provide the high performance aerodynamics, control, accuracy and distance of normal golf balls, while incorporating a light show. 

Night Sports Light-Up Golf BallsNight Sports Light-Up Golf Balls

The battery in the Night Sports Light-Up LED Golf Balls lasts up to 40 hours, so you can have a weeks worth of golf-filled nights if you want. A three ball pack will run you around $23 and a four pack is around $30. They come in red, blue, green or plain white light colors, and you can find them on Amazon

You can find out more about these golf balls on the Night Sports site. Night Sports also gives you some helpful tips on how to put on a night golf tournament. 

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