Play Some Slots, Get a Blood Transfusion: The Revel Casino Set to House Gambling and Medical Facility All Under One Roof

When you walk through the newly renovated doors of the Revel Casino in Atlantic City chances are that you will not only hear the sounds of the bells ringing from slot machines and drinks clinging, but also medical equipment of sorts in use for patrons who are hoping to win big and live longer too.

Glenn Straub, the widely renowned real estate tycoon, just bought the popular casino for $82-million, and to lure more people in and to make it a New Jersey landmark in every right, he is adding in a state-of-the-art futuristic medical facility that will offer an array of medical treatments.

Wikipedia Photo: The Revel Casino will soon include a state-of-the-art medical facility for tourists.Wikipedia Photo: The Revel Casino will soon include a state-of-the-art medical facility for tourists.

Straub contends that the medical facility and its services at the Revel will greatly extend people’s lives.

So, cash in your savings, gamble, try to win, perhaps lose, all while getting your health looked after.

Who would have ever thought that the casino industry would be moving in the health-related direction?

Straub has always been innovative, forward thinking and one who loves to "roll the dice" in business.

What’s his reasoning for having a medical facility and a casino all under one roof?

“These hospitals in the country aren’t doing what they’re supposed to,” says Straub. “I’ll extend your quality of life by an extra 20 years, guaranteed. If we don’t extend your life and you don’t feel more comfortable, don’t pay.”

Straub adds, “We can make you live to be a hundred years old… I don’t know if you want to live to be a hundred years old. But we can make you.”

Here is the list of medical services that will be offered at the newly renovated Revel: Hormone replacement therapy, cryotherapy, nutrient IV therapy, blood analysis of hormones, and hormone replacement. Doctors and staff will also offer blood transfusions, and genome medicine of sorts.

It is widely anticipated that the Revel will reopen sometime in the summer of 2016, or early 2017.

Will Straub’s futuristic casino-medical-clinic be the new hotspot for gamblers and health fanatics alike?

It’s certainly hard to say at this point, but at least Revel will certainly hold the bragging rights for being the only casino in the world to offer medical services and gambling excitement all in one place.

The casino-medical-clinic in the soon-to-be revamped 47-story glass building may help its popularity and attract scores and scores of visitors.

The new Revel Casino should mainly attract the rich and famous. The medical services they will provide are not cheap, and it will be a more higher-end casino on the Atlantic City strip.

But one thing is certain, and Straub know it best: “If you build it, they will come.”

Ah, only in America.