Play In The Treetops With CanopyStair


As we grow older, climbing trees becomes a forgotten art, and we no longer indulge in playing in the canopy of the tree line. And even if we let our inner child out and try to scale a few limbs, we find it's not so easy anymore. Enter CanopyStair, a new way to climb a tree.

A modular stair system, CanopyStair can be strapped safely to just about any tree trunk to create a spiral staircase. With that spiral staircase in place, you can climb up to the treetops and hang out in the branches. These stairs make a great addition to any treehouse--they actually would be conducive to building that treehouse, helping the builders get into the limbs without a big hassle. 

 Setting Up CanopyStairSetting Up CanopyStair

The CanopyStair was born out of a yen to see a sunset. In the Azores, designers Robert McIntyre and Thor ter Kulve wanted a way to see the sunset over the ocean, but their garden's stone wall blocked their view, so they started devising ideas of a way to turn a garden tree into a staircase.

When they returned to their design program at the RCA, they began experimenting with various prototypes. The shape of the CanopyStair was influenced by aeronautic design, and so the stairs got their shape--a shape similar to the wings of a plane. CanopyStair also features a cast aluminum tripod frame, lightweight tread, a handrail and a ratchet strap that quickly fastens the step into place.

View From AboveView From Above

CanopyStair's ratchet straps allow you to quickly strap the steps onto the trunk of a tree. The aluminum frame helps the staircase keep it's strength and form, and the handrail assures a safe ascent. 

Of course, this modular staircase would be a kid's backyard dream, or your inner kid's dream. However, you won't find them on the market just yet. You can visit the CanopyStair site and contact the designers, but you can't order the stairs. 

Though CanopyStair isn't yet on the market, what these two designers built, in the CanopyStair, wasn't just a solution to seeing a sunset, it was a new way to explore the world. They found a new way into the forest canopy, the least explored ecosystem on earth, and they developed a great way to stay in touch with your youth. 

Source: CanopyStair