Play With Your Food: Bites And Pieces Tetris Sandwich Cutter


Have fun playing with your food, literally, using this awesome Tetris themed Bites and Pieces Sandwich Crust Cutter.

Unlike the game, almost anything goes with this geeky cutter.  You can make lunch time retro by making Tetris themed sandwiches or creating cookies that are literally masterpieces.  You could cut up pancakes, make decorative fondant pieces for cakes, personal pizzas, there are tons of fun food possibilities.  If you have a picky little eater, cutting their food up into fun little shapes can make meal time fun and coax them into eating more.

This plastic sandwich cutter comes in pink and makes 4 different Tetris shaped pieces that fit together, putting sandwich eating on a whole new level.

At $8.79 on Amazon, the Bites and Pieces Sandwich Crust Cutter ranks at 4 stars and has customers raving.  Packaged in a clear plastic box, this Tetris sandwich cutter makes the perfect gift.

Introduce this classic fun to the little ones in your life and/or bring back good memories of geeking out on the Nintendo for any and all who remember.

Score yourself this Tetris themed Bites and Pieces Sandwich Crust Cutter here and let the fun food games begin.

Fun food level: Awesome.

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Aug 12, 2014
by Alicia Zuberbier

Haha how fun!

Haha how fun!

Aug 13, 2014
by Serena Dorman
Serena Dorman's picture

 I know.  I love Tetris,

 I know.  I love Tetris, and I need one of these.  Thanks for reading!

 Serena Dorman

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