“Play a Game” iPhone 5 Case Adds Analog Fun To Digital Communications

The “Play a Game Addiction iPhone 5 Case” from Elecom brings back your favorite analog games, shrinks 'em down, and slaps 'em on the back of your shiny new iPhone 5. Not only does the colorful polycarbonate case protect your high-tech lifeline, it allows you to keep on gaming even after your phone battery runs out of juice.

Measuring approximately 12.3 by 6 by 1.5 cm (4.92 x 2.4 x 0.6 inches) and designed to fit Apple's iPhone 5 smartphone, these cases protect your phone from life's daily bumps & grinds while leaving the touchscreen side free and unmasked to the greatest degree.

Flip your encased phone over, however, and the fun really begins... or maybe that should be, where the fun continues once the battery's drained. One of the best things about analog games (and wholly unappreciated in their heyday) is that they need no electricity and work by purely mechanical means.

Imagine you're in the midst of a long road trip, camping in the wilderness or simply stuck far from a charging station and in all three cases you're bored to tears. Playing games on your iPhone is a time-tested time-filler but a smartphone without power doesn't make the owner look very smart, amiright?

The “Play a Game Addiction iPhone 5 Case” removes any and all electrical uncertainty as you're free to while away the minutes, hours, days etc playing nostalgic game faves like Drop Ball, Pachinko and that schoolyard classic, the 15 Puzzle. Five cool games; five colorful cases. Power off and Game On!