Playboy Retro Pinup T-Shirts: Classy or Trashy

Vintage fashion, even those items that are only designed to replicate the real thing worn historically is hot. Retro is in, but Marc Ecko might be taking things too far. Though who am I to judge; why don't you decide?

Playboy FashionPlayboy Fashion

In an interesting partnership, Hugh Heffner has agreed to allow Marc Ecko to use vintage Playboy images for a line of t-shirts. Some might be leaning towards the more classy (yet slightly seductive pinup style) while others are better suited to the X-rated glam - others might not think this was a good idea at all. But you've got to admit, you combine a major fashion designer that has captured all sorts of unusual markets with a huge brand of its own and there's the potential for a winning combination!

Marc Ecko Designs PlayboyMarc Ecko Designs Playboy

Via: TrendHunter

Playboy ShirtPlayboy Shirt