Playboy Wine Subscription Service: Bottle Delivery With Pornographic Chaser

Voyeurism as we know it has been transformed. Simple Playboy subscriptions are a thing of the past for men who like to read the articles. Now, a new business offers a service that makes the magazine delivery just a little bit more interesting.

Playboy WinesPlayboy Wines

Playboy Wines offers a once a month delivery service of unique vintages of wines which come with a label that features a vintage playboy magazine cover. No longer do men strictly need to focus upon their simple magazine subscriptions, and with a little bit of liquid courage from the wine; they might really be able to talk their way into believing that they really do like Playboy for the articles.

Playboy Wine SubscriptionPlayboy Wine Subscription

Playboy Wines is a wine club with a twist. It offers wine connoisseurs the chance to appreciate a new vintage beverage monthly, along with a vintage model.

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Nov 24, 2009
by Anonymous


Love wines, wine clubs BUT this wine club would be Geared for we Men vs women.
Maybe 1-2% women might buy wine from club alone.

Love the labels, but Id be a major Turnoff despite Wine quality.

Must be sold in resturants & catering services alone.

Pvt business clubs like CA Club & Johnathan Club.
& Las Vegas Casinoes alone.

Huge HIT.

& Home delievery IF single, married, NO kids under 18.