Playbrick Earphones for the Kid In You

A lot of us probably went through a LEGO phase at least once or twice in the earlier stages of our lives and they were actually good times. Assembling colorful plastic bricks to come up with miniature versions of real-life objects was just half the fun; getting to re-enact scenes or battling LEGO-bots with friends was the other half of it. And now you can actually have a little piece of your childhood with you every time you listen to music with the Sundries Playbrick earphones. Aren't they just adorable?

They aren't exactly manufactured by LEGO but they certainly look like the real thing. The Sundries Playbrick earphones were actually designed by Japan-based Elecom and was only made available in Japan but a pair or two of these have crossed the oceans and are just waiting for owners to snatch them up on Amazon. They're available in an array of vibrant colors, including red, sky blue, brown, white, and royal blue.

The Sundries Playbrick earphones are very limited in availability so it makes perfect sense that an entrepreneuring mind who's more closer to home chose to produce a similar-looking product for release in the US for a much lower price. Other than the rounded edges, I don't see much of a difference between these two earphones.

You can grab these from Gadget4all for only $3. Sweet price for some funky earphones, don't you think?


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