Playing Cards Of A Different Color

Is that weekly poker game with the guys (or gals) starting to feel just a bit lackluster? Have you tried just about every permutation of five card draw, seven card stud, and Texas hold 'em that you can think of? Perhaps it is time for a new deck of cards -- one that will really change the game. It will be tough for everyone to keep a poker face when they are trying to figure out their hand when it is all one color.

Black is sophisticated. Black is elegant. Black is slimming. Black is a deck of playing cards. What? Yeah, you read that. Talk about playing Blackjack! With a deck of playing cards that is entirely black on black you won't have to worry about your neighbor trying to get a peek at your hand. You will be having enough trouble trying to read them yourself. As they used to say back in the 70s -- black is beautiful.

Black Playing CardsBlack Playing Cards

If black isn't your thing, then you can always go for the gold. Gold is rich. Gold is flashy. Gold was over $1,400 an ounce when I checked it last. Unfortunately, these cards are only faux metallic gold and not the real thing or they would be quite the deal! It may be just as hard to read the cards, but you'll feel a whole lot richer, even if you are losing. They are also ideal for playing Solitaire while watching reruns of The Golden Girls.

Gold Playing CardsGold Playing Cards

Okay, okay. You want to try something new but you want them to be more readable at the same time. So you could try seeing red -- and black. These playing cards are red with the suits printed in black. Red is hot. Red is spicy. Red is sexy. With these devilish cards you could really play one hell of a game. Before you know it your poker game will be smokin'!

Red and Black Playing CardsRed and Black Playing Cards

Okay, everybody, ante up!  Time for a little seven card stud, low hold card is wild.

Source: Gent Supply Company