Playing Pool Has Gone Bananas

In the right company playing pool can be more fun than a barrel full of monkeys. Even all of those monkeys will have fun on a pool table shaped like a banana. It's crazy. It's whacky. It's even a bit bizarre. That is Banana Pool TableBanana Pool Tableexactly why it makes you want to at least try it out, if not actually have one of your own.

The idea came to 25-year-old British artist and photographer Cléon Daniel while he was riding on a train. He had been working on some ideas around decay and aging. That led him to aging bananas and he started thinking of some external force being able to move the spots around. The next thing he knew he was playing pool in his mind. He quickly drew the concept in his notebook.

Daniel, who was described as "bloody mad" by his uncle during the process of creating Banana Pool, is best known for his 2011 book "Unventions." The book is said to have the power to change your world forever -- in utterly useless ways. I don't know about you, but that means I need a copy.

Banana Pool TableBanana Pool TableThe success of the book has encouraged Daniel to take his unusual ideas to the next step -- reality. With the help of an old family friend and retired carpenter who was also a bit of a dreamer, Daniel spent nine months making his doodle a reality. They had no set plans, so they had to "pants it," and figure things out as they went along.

At the end they had an 8½ foot yellow pool table that is high in potassium. It had to be yellow. A green one would mean that it wasn't yet ripe for the picking. It also differs from a standard pool table by having only four pockets instead of six. With that shape it could also double as a home blackjack table.

It is hard to imagine a Victorian or Edwardian mansion with one of these in the billiards room. On the other hand it might have loosened up at least a few of those stiff upper lips.

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