PLAYSTATION 3PLAYSTATION 3Sony announced today that the price of the PLAYSTATION 3 is being dropped from $599 to $499. Sony has spent the last few days denying the rumors of a drop in price, but officials came out today with an official announcement, saying that they expect sales to "double" due to the price drop.

In addition to the 60GB model of the PLAYSTATION 3 having it's price dropped from $599 to $499, Sony will be releasing a new model of it's PLAYSTATION 3, holding an 80GB hard drive and packaged with a copy of the racing game MotorStorm, for $599 in August (in time for Christmas sales). 

Blockbuster Supports BluRayBlockbuster Supports BluRay







With the recent announcement from Blockbuster that they are carrying BluRay movies EXCLUSIVELY in stores , the PLAYSTATION 3 is looking better and better as a cheap BluRay player. It is currently the cheapest BluRay player on the market, and is now dropping another $100. If your into the idea of watching high definition movies, now is the best time to invest in a PLAYSTATION 3.

For gamers who thought the PLAYSTATION 3 was way too overpriced at $599, Sony has done a huge favor. With Sony's powerhouse console falling into the price range of many more consumers, sales should jump. If you've thought about buying a PLAYSTATION 3 but worried about the costs, now is most certainly the time to buy.


Matt Wood
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