Pledge Hammer: Preventing Broken Promises With Fear Of Monetary Retribution

Helping you keep your promises, for fear of retribution, is a new business Pledge Hammer. The premise of this online service is simple, you make a promise and if you don't honor your commitment, you donate a pre-determined amount to a charity of your choice.

Pledge Hammer is the perfect business for those who can never seem to honor their commitments. Whether your goal is to accomplish your length to-do list before year's end; give your smelly dog a bath by the end of the week; or look into small business loans for your new entrepreneurial venture, you can make sure you accomplish the goals you set for yourself by making them public on Pledge Hammer.

No goal is too big or too small for Pledge Hammer. To make sure your honor your commitment, you include a description of your goal, set a deadline, and state how much you will donate to charity if you fail to meet your goal.  Of course, Pledge Hammer makes their money to support the site, by taking a small cut of the donation amount; but when (I mean, if) you fail to meet your goal, the rest goes to any charity you choose to support. However, since they are based in the UK, they do recommend some charities that they like to work with, just in case you're not sure who to donate your broken promise money to. This list includes Action Aid, PSDA (for pets that need vet care), Child Line, Torture Care and more.

Users don't need to submit a pledge themselves to browse the recent promises made on Pledge Hammer. Recent commitments by users include promises to find love by the time the summer rolls around; achieving financial freedom within a six month period; and other goals which prove that not everyone takes the service serious, like promises not to fart for retribution of a $1 charity donation.

Pledge Hammer is a business that's built on promises; with no way to enforce charity donations for those with broken promises, it's hard to say if the service is successful since naturally those who have failed to meet their commitments don't have the best track record.

What do you think; would pledging your goals with a service like Pledge Hammer help you accomplish them?

Mar 23, 2009
by Anonymous

Thank you for covering Pledgehammer!

Hey Beth,

Thank you so much for taking the time and writing about Pledgehammer! This is a lovely review of our site.

Andrus Purde
co-founder of Pledgehammer