Plop Plop Fizz Fizz... OMG, It's Bacon Acid Reliever!

There's one thing we can count on this weekend, whether or not we manage to get felt up by a stranger in an airport... We're all going to eat too much.  One very good way to manage all that gas that builds up in your upper stomach from being a pig at the table, is to take an Alka Seltzer to help you 'pass the gas," if I can use that expression for burping. 

But suppose, instead of burping up that putrid old aspirin flavor, you let out a big belch of bacon flavor?  And oh, the fragrance of that burp!


Fizzy Bacon Drink TabsFizzy Bacon Drink Tabs


Think Geek has the subject totally covered for the holidays, because you're going to add 5 to 10 pounds of fat to yourself in the next month, according to statistics, and now you will be able to tame all the gas your stomach produces trying to digest it.  Just add a tablet of Fizzy Bacon Drink Tabs into a glass of water and drink. Within 90 seconds a big loud belch will appear smelling like bacon.

Actually, Fizzy Bacon Drink Tabs will work with any liquid, even urine, according to Think Geek, who has obviously tried the combination!

There are about 15 tablets in each box, so in order to have enough for all the meals you'll stuff into yourself between Thanksgiving and the New Year, you'd better get three boxes. Almost forgot... the drink tabs are also available in Cupcake flavor...*&_^(_+



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