Laptop Bag Is A Functional But Huge.eyesore

Laptops are becoming ever more prevalent and designer Viola Kosow has created the bag as a way to not only carry around your precious electronic equipment but a power supply and other needed items as well, all with a bit of extra functionality.

The idea is that the bag will work as a regular laptop bag in that it will hold a single laptop in its main compartment. In addition, it will also be able to hold a power supply, mouse and whatever other peripherals that a user would like in a second hidden compartment underneath the first. The existence of the hidden compartment allows its upper edge to function as a laptop stand, meaning that a user can simply set their bag down, open it up and start using their laptop complete on a raised stand for their enjoyment. laptop bag in laptop bag in action. 

Thanks to the secret compartment, users can easily cable their laptop to a hidden power supply if they need to use it for long periods of time and can pull up the laptop to reveal their stash of hidden peripherals. With laptops increasing in power use and popularity, many business travelers are interesting in having a power supply along for the ride so that they can keep working no matter what the conditions.

For us, however, the potential flaw in the concept lies not in the function but the form. While the red and black case is certainly a stylish color combination, the seems both unwieldy and unnecessarily large to carry around on a daily basis. Pictures show it only being carried by a hand strap or under the arm and we have to wonder if a shoulder strap is in the works or would simply not be effective because of the size of the case.

Don't get us wrong - we like the idea - but we're not sure that business travelers who already have a great deal to lug around are going to take to carrying yet another bulky piece of technology assistance with them.

Also, the name is a bit odd as well - sure, a power supply can be carried and to the laptop, but that doens't seem to be the only or even the main function of the bag. - a good.idea the needs some more.refinement.

Source: Yanko