Plush Ninja Characters Make Silent Killers Cuddly

Plush Ninjas? They're more likely than you think, thanks to Shawn Smith and his creative team at Shawnimals

Shawn Smith may hail from Chicago but he's got a soft spot for things Japanese... soft as plush, in fact. Drawing upon the many unique characters Smith created for Ninjatown, the highly anticipated game coming later this year to the Nintendo DS, Smith is offering his endearingly cute killers to the public in three series of micro-plushies.

The ninjas may be purchased either in sets of 12 or singly for $5.95 each, and include characters like Wee Ninja, White Ninja, Forest Ninja and the bean-like Baby Ninja.


Some of the more unusual ones include the pie-chart waving Ninja Consultant,  the bright orange Anti-Ninja and the mustachioed Ninja Mayor. So-called "Ninja Enemies" are also available... would you believe Zombie Ninja? No? How about Business Devil - very timely, that one.

Each plush ninja features fine embroidery and has integral loops so you can suspend them in various ninja-like poses of your choosing.

Face it, you know you're gonna want to see one of these bad boys gazing down at you when you wake up each morning.

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