Plush Puffs Add Something Special To Your Hot Cocoa - Maple Bacon Anyone?


Hot chocolate is a winter staple and having it without marshmallows is practically sacrilegious.  During the holidays it can be nice to kick things up a bit though and one thing you may want to try is gourmet flavored marshmallows.  Plush Puffs is a line of gourmet marshmallows that come in some unusual flavours.



Regular marshmallows are tasty, yes, but I am betting that they cannot hold a candle to Caramel Swirl, Chocolate Chipetta, Luscious Lemony Meringue, Simply S’mores, Toasty Coconut, Peppi Mint and Sydney’s Cinnamon.  Of course, if having the traditional flavor is important to you the company makes Vanilla Bean too.  For the holiday season they also have Gingerbread Spice and, get this...Maple Bacon!



Even better, they are made with natural ingredients and you can choose gluten-free varieties, ones without corn syrup and some that are fat free.  They also sell them in several sizes; they have a regular sized bag, a bulk bag, a scraps bag (irregular shapes at a reduced price) and a package with one giant almost 2 lb marshmallow!  



The company also suggests that these trendy ‘mallows can be used as wedding favors and work well in dessert and s’mores bars at parties.  I think that they would be a lot of fun after a sledding get-together or to have on Christmas morning.  You can find Plush Puffs here.