Plush Tetrapods Turn Your Couch into a Coastline

You may not have seen these odd "tetrapods" before but most anyone in Japan has - half the island nation's coast is lined with them. Now these angular wave-blockers have reproduced in soft, comfy plush.

Tetrapods, or to use their Japanese name "Tetogurumi", evoke feelings of love or hate amongst Japanese who see the concrete jigsaw blocks as either preserving their coastlines or defacing them.

There certainly are a lot of them... you can find them in some way or form on almost half the length of Japan's 22,000 mile (35,000 km) coastline.

Their job is, basically, to absorb, diffuse and dissipate the force of ocean waves to prevent beach erosion. That, and provide work to Japanese construction companies who get paid by the government. It's stimulus gone wild! Click here to see Tetogurumi in, well, inaction including several photos taken with a cat.

In any case, Tetogurumi tetrapod blocks are now available in a squeezably soft, polyester covered plush version. Three sizes are available and they come in a range of earth tone colors that help maintain the "rocky" illusion.

Spread 'em across your sofa, pile 'em on a chair, fling one at your buddy's head - all the things you wish you could do with actual concrete beach blocks but unfortunately can't. (via TokyoMango)

Mar 5, 2009
by Anonymous

Where can one buy these?

I think these look like great fun for cats and children, but I'm having trouble finding a place to actually buy them. Do you have any links to tetrapod sellers? The plushies, not the concrete ones. Thanks!