Poachies Let You Create The Perfect Poached Egg With No Hassle


Eggs Benedict is a personal breakfast favorite. I pretty much always order it when I’m out for breakfast, but as the mom of two little kids I don’t get out for breakfast very often. So, when the Eggs Bennie cravings hit, I attempt to make the tasty dish myself. Unfortunately, as basic as the Bennie looks, some of the components are not so simple to make. Over the years I’ve graduated from making a packaged Hollandaise sauce to actually being able to whip up a decent homemade version, but egg poaching is still a bit of a challenge. That’s why having some Poachies on hand could really help.

Poachies are clever egg poaching bags that really simplify the process. When you’re ready to poach an egg, you just place a Poachie bag into a cup, crack in your egg, grab the bag by both flaps and lower it into the gently boiling water. You don’t have to worry about the ends of the bag falling into the water. After 6 minutes your perfectly poached egg can be removed from the water by grabbing the Poachie flaps with a pair of tongs and draining. You then just shake it out of the bag. Voila – perfectly shaped and cooked poached egg! Oh, and the bags are recyclable too.   


Source: Poachies.com