Pocket Chainsaw Massacre

Whether you are gearing up for a bit of yard work, a backpacking trip, or doomsday survival, a Pocket Chainsaw could come in really handy. This chainsaw is also greener than the usual kind because it doesn't require any fuel other than you own muscles. The compact design means that you can take it with you just about anywhere and youPocket ChainsawPocket Chainsaw always have the power source with you.

The 28" saw comes curled up in a small tin. It is made of high strength, heat-treated steel links and teeth, and can cut in both directions due to its bi-directional teeth. The saw has also been specially treated to resist rust.

It can cut through a 3" branch in just seconds. You can attach the hooks to cut just using your fingers or add the handles for full-on sawing. The saw and can together only weigh 5 ounces so it is not going to feel like you are carrying around a dead weight. It packs up so neatly that you can carry it in your shirt pocket.

A saw like this can be handy around the garden for trimming tree branches and cutting down trees. You can use it to cut a bit of firewood. In the woods it can help you get not only firewood, but the materials for a Pocket ChainsawPocket Chainsawmakeshift shelter as well. When it comes to survival you never know when it will come in handy to take down a zombie attacker.

It can also be used as a crosscut saw by two people should the need arise. Since guys will be guys, it has been known to cut the occasional submarine sandwich. The challenge remains to see if it can be used to create chainsaw art (accept THAT challenge, I dare you).

The Pocket Chainsaw is used by the United States Military and is made in the U.S.A. Be patriotic, be prepared, and be creative with your saw.

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