Pocket Electric Toothbrush From Panasonic Gives Smiles Sonic Style

Gals on the go would love to polish up their smiles at work, while dining or on a date but purses are crowded enough without adding a clunky toothbrush and heavy tube of toothpaste.

Well, Panasonic has come up with the perfect toothbrush for today's busy woman. The EW-DS11 "Doltz" is not only small (16 cm or 6.4" long), it's designed to look as slim and sleek as a tube of mascara.

Like the aforementioned mascara, Panasonic's small wonder features a brush neatly concealed within a tube-like carrying case. The case also carries an AA battery, required to power the toothbrush.

Yes indeed, the Doltz (not the most appealing name) isn't just a typical cut-down travel toothbrush, it's a powerful sonic toothbrush that generates 16,000 acoustic vibrations per minute. Under normal use, that single battery will last around 90 days. Here's a Japanese TV commercial for the Doltz featuring pretty actress Risa Hirako:

Panasonic's EW-DS11 pocket electric sonic toothbrush costs 3,780 yen (about $41) at Japanese online retail emporium Rakuten and comes in your choice of 5 satin finish case colors, each set off with a polished metal band. (via Impress Watch).  Folks in the U.S. can purchase the Panasonic Toothbrush here on Amazon.

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Steve Levenstein