Pocket Navigator MW-430: Russia’s Newest Car Navigator

The Pocket Navigator MW-430 is made of soft touch plastic and comes without a screen board so that the user can easily manage finger movements. It supports a wide range of multimedia functions: MP3 player, video player, as well as programs for viewing photos, drawings and text files. The Pocket Navigator MW-430 is available for sale at a cost of 7990 rubles (about $300 US dollars).


The MW-430 is the first in the line of Pocket Navigators to come with a c. It works in combination with navigator supplied AC adapter power supply 220-230V, a car holder for mounting on the windscreen, a car charger and a stylus. It also offers disk backup software and a user guide.

The MW-430 Pocket Navigator supports both route navigation and direct navigation to a waypoint. The way it works is that routes comprise collections of waypoints that are expected to be traversed in a given order. This order can be reversed to return back using the same route. (Is there any other way to travel?)

For those who prefer to use top quality maps and charts, this product is absolutely perfect. The GPS location is very accurately represented as the maps utilized are well calibrated. It is possible too that some consumers may buy this product just because the maps included are so very cool!

For those in Russia looking for the coolest and latest in the field of global navigation systems, the MW-430 Pocket Navigator may well be it.

If you live elsewhere and want one of these global positioning systems, better hang in there. They may come up with a way for you to get one very soon.

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