Pocket Radar: Tiny Speed-Tracking Device

I can't quite place my finger on it, but there's something quite dirty-sounding about the Pocket Radar. I suppose the term "Pocket" frames the conversation toward the raunchy and radar leaves you visualizing a device that will track the performance of your package in some measurable way. And there you have it--you're straight in the gutter before you even have a modicum of information about the device. 

Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on who's reading), the Pocket Radar is a little more family-friendly than that. Like the big, stomach-twisting gun that you hope you never see jutting out of a parked police car, the Pocket Radar tracks speeds of humans and vehicles. Unlike said gun, it does so with a tiny form factor that you can slide in your pocket. 

In the brutal "video" below, the company shows all kinds of uses for it. Like tracking cartoonish, stationary athletes during cycling or foot racing. Or timing your favorite car at the track. Even clocking the speed of a fastball thrown by a creepy, faceless top-end pitcher. 

According to the company, the radar is good to within 1 MPH, so accuracy isn't sacrificed for size. The device, which could be a pretty useful tool for training, racing and simply following live sports, is due out next spring. It will operate on two AAA batteries.  No details on price have yet been released. (Update: The Pocket Radar is now available on Amazon here and its getting rave reviews.)

I'm thinking it won't be long until we see an iPhone app that does something just like this. 

Pocket Radar via Wired


Dec 15, 2009
by Anonymous


This is a great for baseball pitch, Nascar etc. For the mobile phone there is already sports radar called speedhero. It's not a doppler, but it works really good! Affordable also...