Pocket Sized GPS Tracking Key to Offer Parents and Bosses Piece of Mind

Even the most trusting parents will agree that the most intelligent teenager can be quickly swayed by not so intelligent friends. Compounding this problem is that simple fact that this often happens when they are behind the wheel of a car. However, thanks to a new GPS tracking system made by LandAirSea, parents can carefully monitor how and where their loved ones go when they are not sitting in the passenger seat.

 GPS Data on MapGPS Data on Map

The idea behind a GPS tracking device is very simple. By using the signal sent by a handful of Global Positioning System Satellites, the device is able to pinpoint its exact location on the earth with an accuracy of 2.5 meters. The device will use this location information to trace out the route taken by the vehicle being monitored and store it for viewing later.

The LandAirSea Tracking Key follows this tried-and-true method, but also takes very careful measurements of speed, travel direction, number of stops and duration of stops. When complied, this information can paint a very clear picture of how your child is behaving behind the wheel. It can also be used to keep tabs on where they a little too vague when explaining their plans.

The Tracking Key is powered by 2 AA batteries that account for much of the real estate required and can last roughly a week with 4 hours of driving per day. A powerful magnet on the back of the unit makes it easy and fast to mount anywhere on the vehicle that is metal and the water resistant exterior means it can used in the harshest of climates.

LandAirSea Tracking KeyLandAirSea Tracking Key

When you want to view the data that has been stored on the device, it plugs straight into a USB port on your computer and saves everything into a text file. If you want more in-depth information, it can be made to work hand-in-hand with Google Earth so you can follow the exact route your son or daughter took.

Of course, the application for such a device extends beyond that of tracking a newly licensed driver. Bosses can monitor where and when their employees are taking the company vehicle, or if they are breaking the posted speed limits when out on an errand. For smaller companies that rely on such investments, being able to identify a potential risk could save thousands of dollars.

The LandAirSea Tracking Key is available for purchase at several stores, as well as online. Visit their website for more information and a brochure detailing the features of their GPS Tracking Key.

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Feb 26, 2010
by Anonymous

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