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Pocket WiFi Device Promises Wireless Freedom

Home internet users have enjoyed the flexibility and convenience of wireless connectivity for some time now, but the new pocket WiFi router from B-mobile takes the concept of "wireless freedom" to, well, wherever you want to go.

The lightweight (80g or 2.85oz), pocket sized (99 x 54 x 14mm or 4 x 2x 1/2") device looks like a cell phone and packs a Lithium-Ion 1500mAh battery that provides about 4 hours of power. When switched on, it allows the wireless use of up to five electronic devices such as the iPod Touch, Wii, PS3 and more, simultaneously.

The B-mobile WiFi Router is no slouch when it comes to speed either, boasting 7.2Mbps downloads and 5.76Mbps uploads. You can even use it to set up a home wireless LAN or public wireless LAN, as it is a router at heart. Check out all of the tech specs at B-mobile's Line Specifications page.

 Buyers will be pleased to note that no contract is required and the mobile handsets are SIM free, allowing owners to choose from a variety of network carriers. The B-mobile WiFi Router is to be sold at a flat fee of 19,800 yen (about $215) each when it is officially launched on May 24, 2010.

B-mobile has just announced that pre-orders accepted since May 19 for first-day shipping have caused all of their on-hand stock to be sold out. New orders are to be shipped sequentially beginning on May 28. (via Gigazine)

EDITOR'S NOTE: For those in the U.S., the Cradlepoint Personal Hotspot is an excellent wifi network device.

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Steve Levenstein