PocketBands Store Your Keys And Cash

Pocket BandsPocket Bands

It's hard finding a place to put your keys when out for a run. Some like to hide them. Some tie them to their shoes, and some will inevitably lose them. PocketBands offer a sleek stylish solution to stowing your keys or cash when out for a walk or run.

Pocket Bands WristbandsPocket Bands Wristbands

The design is simple. PocketBands are worn around the wrist and have a hidden pocket where you can store your keys, cash or anything else small enough to fit inside. You don't have to be a runner to enjoy the benefits of PocketBands. Since they are waterproof, they're great for a number of activities like biking, surfing, swimming and skiing. Or you could just wear them as fashion accessories--you have a number of color options. 

A single PocketBand will cost you $9, but you can get three for $20. This price is comparable to other wristbands with storage, but most of those aren't waterproof, so you're getting an added benefit with PocketBands. You can order your own on their site or check out more about the design and production on their Kickstarter page