Pockets For Your Shoes--Great Idea For Runners

FuelBelt Shoe PocketFuelBelt Shoe Pocket

Finding a place to hide your keys is sometimes a big dilemma for runners. You don't want to have to carry anything unnecessary with you, and besides running clothes don't generally come with pockets. However, a few different companies have solved this dilemma and have on the market their versions of shoe pockets.

Nathan Shoe PocketNathan Shoe Pocket

The shoe pocket (or shoe wallet--Nike's version) is a simple but practical idea for runners, walkers or anyone who likes pockets. Just strap the shoe pocket/wallet to your shoe and you have a place for your keys, money, cards or anything else that will fit in there. I can't tell you how many times I've had to hide my keys under my car tire or doormat when out for a run (or how many times I've stuffed a couple of bucks in my running tights for a frozen yogurt reward after my run). This invention would certainly save me (and you) the trouble of finding hiding spots or losing money. 

Chums Shoe PocketChums Shoe Pocket

As I mentioned, several companies have their own shoe pocket/wallet designs on the market, and these products will run you anywhere from $7-$30. After looking at a few of these designs, I can honestly say that there's really no big difference in any of them, besides the price and the fact that some attach to the shoe via Velcro and some with a lace clip attachment. If you want to do some comparison shopping of your own, here are some shoe pocket/wallet makers (linked to their product page on Amazon): Nike Running Shoe Wallet, Jogalite Shoe Pocket, Chums Shoe Pocket, FuelBelt Shoe Pocket and Nathan Reflective Shoe Pocket Plus.

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May 4, 2014
by Anonymous

Didn't kangaroo sneakers do

Didn't kangaroo sneakers do this in the 80s