Pocket-Size Breath Test Tells If You Have Stinky Breath

You may never have to breathe into your hand again.You may never have to breathe into your hand again.

Tired of wondering how bad your breath really smells sometimes? Researchers have developed a tiny breath test that can detect bad-breath bacteria in your mouth.

Researchers at Tel Aviv University have created the OkayToKiss kit. After placing a small amount of saliva onto the window of the device, a blue result lets you know to grab a toothbrush. If the results come out clear though, you are free to kiss whomever you like.

“OkayToKiss will turn blue if a person has enzymes in the mouth produced by the Gram-positive bacteria,” said Mel Rosenberg, a scientist at Tel Aviv University.  “The presence of these enzymes means that the mouth is busily producing bacteria that foster nasty breath.”

Scientists believed that gram-negative bacteria breaks down the proteins in the mouth and causes that nasty-smelling breath on people. However, researchers on this project found that gram-positive bacteria also aid in stinky breath.

The OkayToKiss device is disposable and about the size of a pack of gum.

So the next time you are going for that all-important job interview or nerve-racking first date, pick up this product to make sure you are leaving a positive impression.

This research and findings were published in the Journal of Breath Research.


Source: LiveScience

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