Pocky Kicks Off The 2014 FIFA World Cup With Two New Brazilian Flavors

The makers of Pocky, Japan's much loved confectionery-coated biscuit sticks, have never shied from their goal of snack food world domination. That's why Glico has trotted out two new Pocky flavors with a tropical Brazilian theme – BerryCarnival and Coconut – just in time for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Ahead of time, actually: the 20th FIFA World Cup is scheduled to take place in Brazil from June 12th through to July 13th of 2014. BerryCarnival and Coconut Pocky made their retail debuts in conjunction on May 27th and will be sold through the end of August. Coconut Pocky is already being offered at Amazon.com in the USA!

Glico first released seasonal Pocky flavors in 1995 and nearly two decades on, the practice has become a tradition. The fact that the FIFA World Cup is taking place in Brazil offers Glico an opportunity to explore new flavors with a more focused theme – in this case, the tastes of Brazil.

BerryCarnival Pocky exudes the creamy berry flavor of acai, a so-called “superfruit” native to to Central and South America from Belize south to Brazil and Peru. Acai has a flavor likened to sweet and sour strawberries. The package design in green and yellow evokes the Brazilian flag highlighted by a toucan.

Coconut Pocky offers a different tropical taste sensation, with the biscuit sticks being dipped in sweet milk chocolate and studded with dried coconut. The package's deep blue background is reminiscent of the cloudless sky above a Brazilian beach resort. All that's missing is the girl from Ipanema... maybe she's at a bar or club watching the home team play. (via Rinkya Blog, My Navi, and Chocogabu)