Pocky Chopsticks Stick It To Your Hunger

We're not sure what to call these cute Pocky Chopsticks. Maybe Pocksticks, or Choppies? Call 'em anything you like; just don't call them late for dinner. Then again, if dinner is fish, meat, sushi or the lie, your Pocky Chopsticks might be considered to be in less than ideal taste.

But hey, who cares, they're chopsticks that look like Pocky - they even come in packaging bearing the famous Glico and Pocky logos which hints that the huge Japanese confectioner is in on the gag, or at least is turning a blind eye to it.

Pocky Chopsticks come in Chocolate and Strawberry "flavors", and both feature painted-on faux candy coatings on the top 2/3 of their length with the lower 1/3 being unpainted and clear-coated.

Hmm, wonder if I can use Pocky Chopsticks to eat actual Pocky snack sticks... at least it'd be a cool way to freak people out at school, work, the dinner table and so on. Get yours from Rinkya Stores - hey, that rhymes!  In the U.S., you can get Pocky Chopsticks from Amazon here. They even have a great sampler of different flavors.

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