Pocono Raceway Installing Massive Solar Array to Add some Green to Racing

NASCAR has been slowly but surely finding ways to give a little back to the environment, with the most recent announcement being to plant at least 20 acres of trees per racetrack every year. The Pocono Raceway has decided to take this kind of thinking a step farther and install a 25 acre solar array that will eliminate the need for outside power.

The Pocono raceway was already paying a respectable amount to keep electricity flowing during race days and that bill was about to skyrocket to over $500,000 per year. Obviously this is unacceptable. The offset this huge jump in price, the track opted to have a $17 million solar array installed.

EnXco is the company responsible for building the solar farm and plan on having the project completed by sometime next year. Even though the array holds a steep price tag, it should be able to pay for itself within 10 years or so. This will come mostly from being able to sell back power to the grid at an estimated "seven digits" per year.

While this isn't going to have a massive effect on the amount of power consumed, the addition of clean energy to the local grid is a good start.

New York Times