Podcasts to Promote Adidas - Inventive Marketing

Ads of the World continues to explain that Roman Coppola & Andy Bruntel, Neill Blomkamp, PSYOP, TRONIC, Saiman Chow, Charlie White, and HAPPY were each assigned one of seven colors – Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink, Black or White.

A simple, open-ended brief asked each director to create a viral film based on their emotional and creative response to that color. The resulting shorts are a color-coded collection of innovative film aesthetics and contemporary creative sensibilities, a truly post-modern mix of genre, style and technique. (Ads of the World )

First is PINK by Charlie White.

Then, Green.

On top of the "colorful" podcasts, commercials were also produced for the campaign, like this one starrind Jenna Jameson.

They also incorporated a great billboard campaign. First they put up blank billboards that had their logo and and a quote at the bottom.

This blank space attracted people to test their graffiti art skills. After the billboards were filled with drawings they put another billboard over top.

This time the second billboard had a shoe cut out which revealed the graffiti underneath. What a great way to engage your target audience. (Gush)


Want to see the actual product?


What do you think? The billboards? Podcasts?

Amy Gifford
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