Polar Bear & Penguin Ice Cube Cups Raise Environmental Awareness While Cooling Your Drink

Global warming poses grave consequences for polar bears and penguins. Raise awareness of their plight while you raise your glass... cleverly chilled with global warming warning ice cubes conceived by Japan's Atsuhiro Hayashi.

Hayashi's silicone ice cube “molds with a message” make one frozen cube at a time – use the white one and get a polar bear while the black one produces a pair of penguins.

Pop 'em into chilled & filled beverage glasses and the cubes turn into miniature ice floes upon which our favorite arctic and antarctic creatures bravely stand... for a while.

As the ice melts, their precarious perches gradually shrink, eventually dumping them into the drink... a scenario eerily like what our polar pals have to deal with in real life!

Kinda makes you think, doesn't it? That's the whole point of the exercise, raising awareness of a problem that may be an abstract concept to most of us, but a worsening reality to creatures living in a rapidly warming world.

You can purchase Atsuhiro Hayashi's Polar Ice environmental ice cube cups for $18.00 per set through White Rabbit Express. In the U.S., you  can also find  them on Amazon. Cheers!

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