Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer Prints Directly From Your iOS And Android Devices

 Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer: New portable printer uses zero ink, cartridges or ribbonsPolaroid ZIP Mobile Printer: New portable printer uses zero ink, cartridges or ribbons


Ever wish you could print your selfies or other pics on the fly with a printer no larger than the size of your mobile phone? Well, Polaroid has come up with instant print options for the Digital Age with a cool new printer roughly the size of an average cell phone. Now you can print vibrant, colorful images from a variety of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. As long as they support Bluetooth, you’re good to go. Armed with your selfie stick and the Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer, you’ll be a regular Annie Leibovitz among your friends.

Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer w/ZINK Zero Ink Printing Technology

The zero ink printer comes with its own 500mAh lithium polymer battery. After charging the device for only 1.5 hours, it’s ready to print 25 sheets of surprisingly good pictures (for such a small device) before needing another charge. The best part about it, besides its size and the quality of the images, is it doesn’t use ink. That’s right, no messy ink cartridges or ribbons with this little baby. It prints 2” x 3” photos directly onto ZINK photo paper in deep, vibrant colors that are completely smudge proof and feature peel-back sticky paper for adhering to different surfaces.


Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer: New portable printer uses zero ink, cartridges or ribbonsPolaroid ZIP Mobile Printer: New portable printer uses zero ink, cartridges or ribbons


Bluetooth & NFC

Sending pics from your mobile devices to the zero ink printer is easy. All you have to do is connect your iOS or Android smartphones, tablets and other devices over Bluetooth or NFC to print wirelessly from anywhere. The Polaroid ZIP mobile printer comes with a free app download for iOS and Android devices. With just a few taps of the finger, you can edit your photos on the spot before printing them. It also allows you to add things like emojis, voice recordings, text and links. You’re even able to embed password-protected codes to share sensitive info with your friends.

Mobile Printer

The compact Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer is only 2.9 x 0.9 x 4.7 inches in size and weighs a mere 6.6 ounces. It features a standard micro-USB port and includes a USB to micro-USB cable for charging. All you do is plug it into your computer. You can also plug it into a wall outlet with an optional adapter, if you prefer. After that, give it an hour and a half and it’s ready to roll. The Polaroid ZIP mobile printer ships with 10 premium ZINK sheets to get you started. Refills for the portable printer can be purchased on Amazon.

Portable Printing Options

The ZINK paper is really the secret weapon behind this cool little gizmo. The technology behind the paper combines advances in chemistry, engineering, physics, image science and manufacturing. Because the Polaroid ZIP mobile printer prints your pictures in a minute or less, you can produce photos with your friends waiting right there. This is great for group shots where everyone wants their own copy of the captured moment. If you’re interested in getting one of these mobile printers for yourself or as a gift for someone else, you can now find them on Amazon.
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