Police Officers In Thailand Receive The Hello Kitty Treatment

Hello Kitty is the iconic Japanese pussy cat that has graced everything from kids' toys and clothes to a jet. It is an image that is recognized by most people around the world -- with varying levels of appreciation. The biggest fans Police Officer In Thailand Receives The Hello Kitty Treatment (Image via Pinterest)Police Officer In Thailand Receives The Hello Kitty Treatment (Image via Pinterest)tend to be little girls. For adult males the perception is a bit different -- especially if they are among the disgraced members of the Thai police force.

Some police chiefs in Bangkok, Thailand are turning to a unique punishment to handle officers who break the rules. The offending officers are being forced to wear a nice, bright Hello Kitty armband over their uniforms. Grown men wearing a hot pink arm band would be humiliating enough, but the cherry on this sundae is that cutesy little kitty.

The idea, of course, is that the officers will be so embarrassed that they will change their behavior. It came about after the chiefs realized that simple warnings were not effective. Okay, these aren't officers who are on the take or dealing drugs. These guys are getting busted for parking in the wrong place, littering, or tardiness. They also just have to wear it around the office for a few days so their peers can razz them a bit. So the lHello Kitty (Unlicensed Image via Google Images)Hello Kitty (Unlicensed Image via Google Images)ocal citizenry doesn't have to look at the guy coming to save their lives and wonder if he's capable of writing his name with more than a crayon. 

The one caveat for these public servants is that they are not allowed to disclose just what their heinous offense was. They must endure their shame in silence. Hey, if Hester Prynne can endure a lifetime with a Scarlet Letter these guys should be able to take a few days of good-natured, albeit embarrassing, kidding

Cops who are really into bad stuff like corruption and unjustified killing still face real, strict punishment.  Who knows, maybe these guys have to wear Hello Kitty footie pajamas in prison.

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