Political Cats Create New Bill To Save Russian Felines


Hank For Senate: image via hankforsenate.comHank For Senate: image via hankforsenate.com

Zarathustra ran for President of Russia.  Hank is running for Senator in Virginia.  Two cats, worlds apart, but both political, and both sworn to do good for the world, no matter what.

They met this past March, and found kindred spirits in each other. Zarathustra, whose friends call him Fat Cat, had Zarathustra's presidential campaign poster: Artist: Svetlana PetrovaZarathustra's presidential campaign poster: Artist: Svetlana Petrova just lost a very close election to Vladimir Putin, but he was determined to continue to fight for kindness and rationality.  Hank, though still in the race for the U.S. Senate, heard about Fat Cat's campaign and decided to help him with his newest cause, saving the cats in St. Petersburg's Rzhevka Animal Shelter.  Hank gave all his campaign money away to shelter animals anyway, why not help out Russian cats? They are all family, he reasoned.

Fat Cat's artist mom, Svetlana Petrova, designed a two-dollar cat bill with Hank and Fat Cat's likenesses just to raise money for the Rzhevka cats.




Hank is on the front of the two dollar bill right in the center with Thomas Jefferson, his fellow Virginian.


Jefferson & Hank: image via fatcat.ruJefferson & Hank: image via fatcat.ru

And, if you squint, you will see below, on the lower left of the bill, where his signature lies, that Hank is the Treasure of the United States and, on the right, that Zarathustra is the Secretary of the Treasure - see his Z?

On the back of the bill (center right) is Hank spread out all over the pages of the Declaration of Independence while Fat Cat (center left) holds hands with his favorite U.S. statesman, John Adams. (He watched the HBO series.) 


Zarathustra & Hank's Two Dollar Bill: image via fatcat.ruZarathustra & Hank's Two Dollar Bill: image via fatcat.ru

The value of the Hank and Zarathustra two dollar bill is two cats.  Two cats get to eat for 2-3 days with your contribution of $1.50 at the Rzhevka shelter.  And you get a perfectly-sized 100 percent cotton, non-transferable bill from the works of Svetlana Petrova in return.  Buy a dozen two dollar cat bills at Hank's place, and share them with your cat-loving friends. Maybe one day, they'll be worth $2.00!

Read more about Fat Cat and Hank. I'd like to think I had something to do with them getting together :-)

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