Political Statement Pieces: Obama Fashion Has A Political Twist

This Obama dress was a feature on the red carpet at the Emmy's. I wasn't going to feature it, but for reasons that aren't all positive, I haven't been able to stop thinking about it and just wanted to share this atrocity with all of our readers to get some thoughts.

Presidential DressPresidential Dress

I'm all for patriotism. I'm all for showing support to your political party, but this Obama dress, as it's been referred to elsewhere, is just an Obamination. It certainly gets the point across, but I have a feeling President Obama and his stylista First Lady wouldn't endorse the wear of this tacky dress.

Obama DressObama Dress

Verdict's still out on whether the Etsy creation, the Michelle Obama amulet is any better. What do you think about these political statement pieces?

Obama AmuletObama Amulet

Dress Via: Oddity Central  , Amulet Via: TrendHunter