PolyFlav Makes Plastic Good Enough To Eat

PolyFlav is a company that believes the things found in plastic containers, just don't taste good enough on their own.  This strange company is in the business of producing flavored plastic that will keep your taste buds satisfied.

PolyFlav produces a compound based on low-density polyethylene resin, known as LDPE. This light-weight plastic is approved by the FDA for use in food packaging and is supposed to be completely safe. PolyFlav produces the LDPE plastic in 2 main flavors; strawberry and mint, but can also produce a variety of other fruity plastic flavors with a more lengthy process that adapts the originals.

PolyFlav has put its mark on a number of industries with its unique flavored plastic, including food and beverage, baby products, athletics and medical and dental. While I can't see the benefit of creating flavored plastic bottles for water or soft drinks (doesn't the drink taste good enough on its own?), some of the other flavored items could certainly enhance the taste experience. Babies might suck on a pacifier with more vigor if it has a tasty flavor, and athletes might be able to tolerate their mouth guards a little better if they taste like strawberry or banana instead of rubber. Pediatric dentists have used flavored tools for an extensive period of time, but now the PolyFlav technology make it possible for them to use yummy tasting water jets or tooth brushes.


PolyFlav has partnered with A Schulman to ensure that their flavored plastic is produced by only the most experienced scientists, so that all standards of health, safety and quality are met.

Flavored plastic isn't an entirely new concept; however, PolyFlav claims it's their use of the LDPE compound that makes their product unique. Great idea? Or could the scientists devoted to the PolyFlav product line be making a better societal contribution?